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Useful resources

In response to the calls of the European Commission (EC), various initiatives have been developed to support SMEs in their GDPR compliance journeys. Below we include the overview of such initiatives as communicated on the EC website.

Activities organised by Data Protection Authorities

  • Belgium: Privacy and GDPR awareness campaign for citizens in Belgium, see (in French ) and (in Dutch)
  • Bulgaria: innovative tools for SMEs and citizens, in English, Bulgarian and Italian
  • Denmark: raise awareness about data protection in Denmark, and more particularly raise Danish DPA profile among general public, and increase knowledge of data protection rules among SMEs (in Danish)
  • Hungary: training material targeting SMEs, which may be customised and re-used (in English)
  • Lithuania: promote high standards of data protection towards SMEs and specific target audiences (media representatives, elderly people), see (in Lithuanian
  • Latvia: awareness-raising for Latvian SMEs and minors, through seminars, see (in Latvian
  • Netherlands: raising awareness about data protection in the Netherlands, and more particularly raising the profile of the Dutch DPA, see (in Dutch)
  • Slovenia: raise awareness on data protection and the GDPR in Slovenia’s general public, and more specifically with SMEs, see (in Slovenian
  • Iceland: awareness-raising for Icelandic general public, SMEs and DPOs, see (in Icelandic

Earlier activities

Earlier on, in 2017-18, six projects contributed to raising awareness of data protection in Europe:

  • The Stitching European Lawyers Foundation organised training of lawyers on the EU data protection reform, see (Training Material
  • The Vrije Universiteit of Brussel supported the Hungarian DPA in organising training activities on the data protection Reform, see (Star Guidance Videos)
  • The Law and Internet Foundation trained local public authorities for the new data Protection Legislation in Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Latvia, Romania and Slovakia, see (Training Material)
  • The Universita Degli Studi Suor Orsola Benincasa organised training activities in Spain, Italy and the UK, and deliverables are published under the European Journal of Privacy Law & Technologies (Project Deliverables)
  • The Center for European Constitutional Law organised training on Legal professional and DPOs in Greece and Cyprus, see (Problem based training on the data protection reform package in GR and CY)
  • The Fondazione Lelio e Basso-ISSOCO organised, with the Italian DPA, training of Polish, Spanish, Bulgarian and Hungarian DPAs and DPO trainings. See deliverables on the DPAs websites: